Let's Talk Hobbies...

Remember when you were a little kid and you could rattle off a list of 10 hobbies. Sticker books, coin collections, jumping rope etc...  Can you still?  This isn’t so much of a challenge, as it is a genuine question.  Do you have a hobby? We’ve realized as we get older that we tend to not have as many, if any, hobbies.

 A hobby is defined as a regular activity done for enjoyment, typically during one's leisure time, not professionally and not for pay.

Ok yes we workout, is that considered a hobby?  We don’t always do it for enjoyment but because it’s good for us mentally and physically.  We like to go out to eat, but not sure that classifies as a hobby either.  We love wine…..but really who doesn’t?  And that’s kind of a necessity right?  Call me lucky (I know I am) but somehow I have managed to turn what I love doing (my hobby) into a career.  I grew up dancing, and did that professionally for most of my adult life.  Once it’s your career does it still count as a hobby?  According to the definition...NO!

So here we go, we are on the quest to find ourselves a new hobby and are open to suggestions.  Knitting, drawing, needle point…..? While we still aren’t exactly sure when we will fit said hobby into our everyday lives we think it’s important to have something for ourselves that is purely for enjoyment.  Don’t get us wrong we actually enjoy almost everything we do but miss the feeling of excitement when you get that new rare scratch ‘n’ sniff sticker to add to your collection. OMG does anyone remember the fuzzy stickers or oily stickers from the 80’s? They are so vivid in my mind, I was always on the hunt for the oily dolphin or unicorn sticker (those were the platinum stickers of the 80’s collections)  Wow I just had so many memories pop into my mind, about my best friend Lina at the time, my favorite outfit, orange stirrup pants, and trading stickers.  OK you guys, Mel has no idea what oily stickers are, am I that much older?  Please tell me I’m not alone and that some of you remember them?

When was the last time you did something consistently for yourself that was just for fun or out of pure passion?  We feel like our generation has lost hobbies. We have become so caught up in the outcome of things and being successful that we have forgotten about the process and the joy. Not everything has to have an end goal or result, it doesn’t have to make you money, be a side hustle or even become a business. Sometimes we can and should do things just for fun. Just because they make us happy or relaxed or spark creativity.

Let’s rediscover hobbies! If you have a hobby, share it with us! Maybe we can all trade stickers again?

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