How It All Began

Welcome to 𝐍𝐞𝐞𝐝 π–πšπ§π­ π–πžπšπ« π’π‘πšπ«πž!Β  A quarterly subscription box made for moms by moms.Β Β Mel and Ali, best friends and the founders of CbusMamatribe, are all about finding balance in motherhood.Β  We have curated four items in each box, (something you need, something you want, something to wear and something to share), that you won’t believe you could’ve ever lived without.Β  Our first child,Β Cbusmamatribe, is a blog, although not your average mom blog, based in Columbus, OH.Β  Realizing that there was aΒ need, aΒ want, a desire from moms just like us, to forget about the everydayΒ wearΒ and tear of motherhood we created a safe space toΒ shareΒ other aspects of ourselves.Β  While we love our kids, this one is all about mamas. We explore fun things Columbus has to offer. From workouts, to restaurants, stores, cooking, hikes etc....Basically, we hold each other accountable to make sure and not lose ourselves in motherhood.Β  Our mission is to help all mamas try and find that ever elusive balance of motherhood, whether it’s a night out with your girlfriends, a workout all by yourself, a moment away to read a great book, or a fun filled box that shows up at your door four times a year.Β  We hope the birth of our second childΒ NWWSΒ helps making yourself a priority easier than ever.Β 

Being a mother is all encompassing and is impossible to label.Β We noticed other subscription boxes were for: the crunchy mom, the crafty mom, the techie mom, the urban mom, the sporty mom etc...and we didn’t fit into just one box. 𝐍𝐞𝐞𝐝 π–πšπ§π­ π–πžπšπ« π’π‘πšπ«πž is for β€œthe every mom”.Think of it, as a grown up goody bag, a time out, a treat to yourself, a little pat on the back for all of the hard work that you do and to celebrate the bad ass mama that you are.Β 

Because of our love for Columbus and local small businesses, at least one item per box will be locally sourced from Cbus. However you do not have to live in the 614 to appreciate and love these items. We ship anywhere in the continental U.S.Β 

As moms we wear many hats and our moods are known to change quickly.Β  One day you might feel like making your own granola and walking barefoot on the beach, the next day you are looking for the perfect folding chair to be the cheering soccer mom, and the next thing you know you’re dreaming of jet setting to Paris. The point is our box fulfills all of the different sides of you as a person, a woman and a mama.Β 

Mel and AliΒ 

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