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FD Market, Shower Steamers

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FD Market, Shower Steamers

As a mom it’s definitely hard to find time for yourself. We recognize how difficult it may be to get to a spa so we decided to bring the spa to you.  Want to feel invigorated, relaxed, energized….Our shower steamers will transform your shower experience! Turn even the most basic morning or evening routine into one you’ll never forget. Simply place a tab in the shower, out of the direct stream of water and watch them fizz, releasing a fragrance for a spa-like experience. 

Handmade with love in Emmaus, PA, FD Market is a woman owned, sustainable goods shop and zero-waste refillery. On a mission to make sustainable living obtainable and beautiful for everyone, their less-waste, more mindful goods are the perfect addition to the clean and green home.

We absolutely love their mission and these shower steamers. They are much more practical and realistic than a bath bomb. Cause while we may not be able to remember the last time we actually took a bath, we certainly shower everyday.  Easy, peasy, way to take some time for yourself while doing something you do anyway!

Three Shower Steamers included:

EUCALYPTUS + MINT: an invigorating blend great for clearing sinuses

LAVENDER + TEA TREE: a soothing and spa like blend, great for relaxing before bed

ORANGE + MINT: a bright and energizing blend, perfect to wake up in the morning or for a midday pick-me-up