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Wet Dry Bag

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Wet Dry Bag - The Ella Rose Co

When summer comes, there truly are only a few places that we all really want to be…poolside or beachside. It’s very likely that you might be heading straight to another activity right from the pool. Now what do you do with those wet swimsuits? Typically we just throw them in the bottom of our pool bag and go on our merry way but this summer we won’t leave home without bringing along this Wet Bag made by The Ella Rose Co. These bags are made with water resistant material, helping to contain both the wet and the smell inside. It has two zipper pockets for extra storage and a cute convenient snap handle. Endless ways to use this wet bag! Throw in your wet swimsuits, bring it to the gym to store your sweaty workout clothes, diaper or baby wipe bag - even great for sunscreen or toiletries. The Ella Rose Co is a woman owned business specializing in unique wet dry bags. Not only do we love her designs, we love the mission that Ella Rose Co supports. A portion of all their proceeds go to House of James Orphanage in Ukraine and Mama Baby Haiti, midwife prenatal and maternal care for those who can't afford it.