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Flavor & Fire, Cbus Hot Sauce

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Hot Daddy, who doesn’t want to add a little spice to their life? Even better when that spice is created right here in Westerville. This family owned and run business has over 75 products that are mindfully sourced and artfully concocted, all-natural and preservative free. Using only the finest ingredients, and blending them for the ultimate experience of Flavor & Fire. The Cbus Hot Sauce, in this box, is a traditional Cayenne hot sauce with extraordinary flavor...a great compliment to any food from salads, pasta or rice... tofu seafood, beef and poultry. A must have in every cupboard in every home!

And when you run out, cause we know you will, you can shop locally at their store inside of the North Market in downtown Columbus or online. Flavor for every palate, Fire for every level.